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Storm Damage


Storm Damage


Your roof isn’t just a shield—it’s the faithful guardian of your home, shielding your treasures and loved ones from nature’s fury. But when Oklahoma’s storms rage, they bring more than rain and thunder. They hurl wind, hail, and debris, testing your roof’s resilience in ways you never imagined. And sometimes, the damage isn’t obvious until it’s too late.

That’s where RainTech Roofing, Sheet Metal & Gutters steps in—your trusted ally in storm repair damage throughout Green Country. We’re not just here to fix your roof; we’re here to give you peace of mind. You can count on us for a thorough assessment of the damage, guidance through the insurance maze, and a promise to go above and beyond for you to ensure you can maximize your roofing claim.

We get it—dealing with insurance can be daunting, especially when your roof’s at stake. But with RainTech by your side, you’re never alone. Our team is ALWAYS here to make sure you get the support you need, every step of the way.

So, don’t hesitate. Reach out to our friendly solution specialists today for a free inspection. Let’s weather the storm together!

Our Storm Damage Process

At RainTech Roofing, Sheet Metal & Gutters, we know that things can get pretty hectic after severe weather hits Oklahoma. That’s why we have worked hard to create an efficient and thorough storm damage inspection process that allows our team to quickly and accurately check your roof, provide a comprehensive estimate, and repair or rebuild damaged areas to restore your home or business to its original condition in three easy steps.

Step One:
Damage Assessment

Our team of experts will meticulously examine your roof and premises, assessing the full scope of any potential damage caused by storms. Following this comprehensive evaluation, we will also utilize historical data to pinpoint exactly when initial damage occurred if it appears to be more extensive or prolonged.

Step Two:
Estimate Delivery

Once RainTech Roofing, Sheet Metal & Gutters has completed its initial damage assessment, we will complete and deliver your free, no-obligation estimate. At this time, your solution specialist might recommend that you start your claim to allow our team of professionals to work directly with your insurance adjuster.

Step Three:
Repair and Restoration

After your insurance claim is approved, our coordinator will work with you to establish a project start date. Our team will then rebuild or repair damaged areas to help restore your home to its original condition. You will receive updates at each step in the project, including detailed progress photos, from your on-site supervisor.

Let’s Schedule Your FREE Storm Damage Inspection! 

Ready to Start Your Insurance Claim?

Unlike other pop-up Tulsa roofing companies that just want to make a quick buck after storms roll through Oklahoma, RainTech Roofing, Sheet Metal & Guttering has spent the last two decades ensuring your storm damage repair projects are completed accurately. Our team strives to ensure that you receive the maximum insurance claim amount possible by providing reliable storm damage estimates and working directly with your adjuster. To help expedite your claims process, we have provided direct links to some of the major insurance companies utilized by Oklahoma homeowners. to get started, find the company your policy is through and click the logo to kickstart your storm damage claim!

NOTE: The insurance companies below are in no way affiliated with RainTech Roofing, Sheet Metal & Guttering.
These links are provided only for reference when filing an insurance claim through your chosen provider.

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It all starts with an accurate damage estimate!

RainTech Roofing, Sheet Metal & Gutters is not just certified and fully insured—we’re backed by industry-leading warranties, providing you peace of mind for years to come. We have been the go-to for excellence in Tulsa for 20 years, and our team prides itself on getting the job done right the first time, on time, and within budget. 

Our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction extends from installation to completion. Don’t settle for less than you are entitled to with your storm damage claim. Click the link below, and let’s work together to maximize it!