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Hominy, Oklahoma, located in Osage County, is a small yet vibrant town with a rich history deeply intertwined with Native American culture. Known for its annual Osage Nation In-Lon-Schka dances and the nearby Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, Hominy offers a unique blend of cultural experiences and natural beauty. The town boasts historic landmarks such as the Fred Drummond Home and the Hominy Roundhouse, attracting visitors interested in exploring its heritage. With its friendly community and picturesque surroundings, Hominy provides a charming retreat in the heart of Oklahoma.

When harsh weather hits or your shingles start showing signs of wear after a decade, there’s only one local team to call for a job done right the first time. RainTech Roofing, Sheet Metal & Gutters has earned the trust of residents like you, ensuring homes and businesses are protected when Oklahoma’s notorious weather strikes the plains.

With over two decades of dedicated service, we’ve solidified our reputation as a reliable roofing and guttering company. Our unwavering commitment to top-notch roofing systems and excellent customer service has earned us the title of Best of the Best in Oklahoma every year since 2020. If you’re seeking a roofing partner who truly understands your needs and always has your best interests at heart, look no further. Thank you for choosing us as your roofer, Hominy!

Residential Roofing Services in Hominy

At RainTech Roofing, Sheet Metal & Gutters, we grasp the complexities of roofing systems, acknowledging that each project brings its unique set of challenges and needs for long-term durability. With over twenty years of experience in residential roofing services, we’ve tackled a wide range of projects, overcoming diverse obstacles along the way. If you’re ready to discover how our expertise can enhance your roofing journey, don’t miss the chance to schedule your complimentary inspection today!

Roof Replacements

Opting for a new roof crafted from top-quality materials means you’re investing in longevity. We aim for your roof to stand strong for approximately 30 years, alleviating concerns about frequent replacements. Our dedicated team puts in the effort to ensure your new roof provides steadfast protection, granting you peace of mind.

Roof Repairs

When your roof faces storm damage or lacks adequate ventilation, it’s prone to faster-than-normal wear and tear or overheating. This often leads to common issues that require prompt repairs. Our team is dedicated to providing same-day solutions to mitigate further damage until you’re prepared to decide on your next steps.

Home Inspections

Purchasing a home marks a significant milestone, demanding careful consideration and informed decisions regarding this substantial investment. Our seasoned home inspection team stands ready to assist you throughout this journey, ensuring you make informed choices backed by comprehensive and reliable home inspection services.

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Commercial Roofing Services in Hominy

With our own experience operating from multiple buildings, we deeply understand the pivotal role that a business’s facilities play in its daily functions. This understanding underscores the importance we place on providing top-notch commercial roofing services in Pawhuska. Whether you’re initiating a new construction project or requiring repairs for your current location, trust us to accompany you through every stage of your endeavor!

Roof Installations

When it comes to top-notch roof installations or gutters, our team is the go-to choice in the region. Our estimators excel at swiftly providing accurate estimates, ensuring smooth bidding processes and project advancement without delay, regardless of the stage or requirements.

Roof Maintenance

For many homeowners, staying on top of roof inspections and maintenance can feel overwhelming. That’s precisely why we provide a complimentary annual inspection service. This allows you to understand your roof’s current condition without the hassle of climbing up yourself to get it done!

Gutter Services

While we may be biased, we genuinely believe that a modern roofing installation isn’t truly finished without an updated, efficient gutter system. These components play a crucial role in directing water away from the foundation, preventing potential issues that could result in costly damages.

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They have just completed putting a new roof on my home and it looks fantastic!
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A. Turney
RainTech knows what they are doing and definitely want to please their customer.
M. Minor
This was the best investment and experience I've ever had with my home improvement.
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J. Turner
The roofing crew was efficient, and no time was wasted in getting the roof up.
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P. Jones


Relax, we’ve got you covered.

At RainTech Roofing, Sheet Metal & Gutters, we go beyond mere certifications and insurance coverage – we provide unmatched peace of mind with industry-leading warranties, ensuring your investment remains supported as long as possible. With a proven track record of excellence spanning two decades in Hominy, our team is well-known for its consistent dedication to completing every project with precision, efficiency, and adherence to budgetary constraints.

From the initial consultation to the final finishing touches, our commitment to achieving 100% customer satisfaction remains steadfast.

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